Those are the words I heard at the airport last week when I was checking in at the curbside airline terminal. I said to myself, “I’m never over the limit. I always right on with my stuff.” I can really empathize with individuals who are sticking to their plan with diligence and continue to be a “few pounds over…” One’s first reaction might be, “@#%* this plan; I’ll never get there..” That was not my reaction. I paused, made the corrections, and moved on to the next phase of check-in. Same rules apply to weight loss and new nutritional lifestyles. The “pause” is key!!! Let’s get emotionally “detached” from the outcome and focus on your true result you would like to see.
I have encountered many challenges that I have assisted my clients to “correct and continue”(T. Harv Eker’s Wizard Training).
We are so powerful when we look at situations from different angles. It is about our perception and how we react to the environments we are in, that will affect the outcomes.
So when you are “a few pounds over”, do not over analyze the reason why; come up with a different angle to achieve the result.