Fourth down and goal; 1 yard to go for the score…. Do we have the best choices of foods for the optimum performance for the game, or do we use the same ol’ plays or snacks that might not get us over the goal line?

Typically, most Super Bowl parties and gatherings include chips, puffs, fried stuff, etc. Let’s breakthrough with fresh ideas, lower in calories, sodium, and fat. I know it is the biggest professional football game of the year and guess what? There will be two winners; YOU with your great healthy choices and selections for your guests and your favorite NFL team!!

Here are some great substitutes that are not ” second string”:

1. Use Pita bread to make chips rather than the high fat, highly salted tortilla chips.
2. Instead of the high fat sour cream or creamed dips, substitute Greek style yogurt(0% fat). Tastes just like sour cream.
3. Avoid the processed dips and sauces. Get creative with homemade salsas and even pesto sauces give a different spin to spinach dips.
4. Instead of salt, use herbs and spices when flavoring your favorite meats that are going on the “Q”. Make simple BBQ Sauces from ketchup, brown sugar and Worcestershire. A little goes a long way!.
5. Keep alcohol consumptions to a moderation. It is a considerable source of calories. Let’s have a designated driver and have and awesome time.
6. It’s OK to leave something over on your plates. Pick 3 items at a time. Engage in friendly conversations and enjoy the new found flavors and friends.

As you know, I’m big on accountability. Food gatherings are an intricate part of our social lives and how we may network with people. There are many distractions going on and there is plenty of action going on. Sometimes we are just reaching for different things to occupy our mouths as well as our emotions at that moment. Just use that “accountability road map” I developed and your results will all be positive.