How many times have you attempted to breakout of the weight shackled diet prison?  Frustrated with the “warden”?  No early parole from the many diets, fads, supplements and other non serving behaviors?  On August 13th, 2014,  you will find the keys to unlock the doors to end the struggle of weight management!  If I can help you lose weight, get off medication, and change your lifestyle “one meal at a time would you be interested?  Here is a link to show you what one of my clients, Domonique Reed, did to breakout from her “dungeon”.  She found a new “warden of weight loss”.  I gave her the keys to walk out on her own without looking back.  She has progressed even further than the video shows.   Come join Domonique  and others on a path of freedom and not have to look back!  Go to the facebook tab and check out the information for Solutions to Weight Management Success.