Weight Management

Your custom fit.

If getting in control of your weight is your desire, Infinity Weight Management can help. This small decision, the choice to believe in yourself and your ability to manage your weight, is the beginning of a completely new life. And I won’t offer you a one-size-fits-all dieting approach. As a registered dietitian, I’ve seen the cost people pay for believing in the promises of fad diets. Most people, after attempting and failing to meet their weight goals with a generic or fad diet plan, feel dejected and show symptoms of depression. They tend to blame themselves, not realizing that if the diet was inherently satisfying, and able to meet their nutritional and emotional needs, they could have experienced success. With RD4U, you get a registered dietitian who will create a customized plan that takes your needs into account:

  • Your food preferences and tastes
  • Your lifestyle complications
  • Your emotional triggers
  • Your weight loss goals
  • Your activity levels
  • Your special health concerns
Food preferences and tastes

I’ll work with you to create a meal plan that will help you explore new tastes and give you meal options full of foods you enjoy. The infinity diet plan doesn’t require giving up good tasting food; it’s about filling yourself with foods that are both tasty and nutritionally sound. You can have both. Schedule an appointment, now and learn to lose weight with fantastic flavors.

Lifestyle complications

Are you a morning person? Do you tend to snack at night? Is the afternoon slump your toughest time of day? A major benefit of the right eating plan is that you can feel energized and satisfied all day, which means you’ll be able to make it through your tough times. We’ll look at your daily scheduling, when you do or don’t think about food, and how you can meet your nutritional needs both on the road and in a pinch.  Get started with your customized plan today.

Emotional needs

We’ll start your first 30-minute session with a carefully selected set of questions that are designed to help me understand your nutritional and emotional needs. Research has proven that it’s not enough to address the nutritional needs of the body, we also needs to address the emotional processes that influence how we eat and how we think about ourselves. Your RD4U diet plan will take all your needs into account. Begin your first 30-minute session today.

Weight loss goals

It may have been awhile since you allowed yourself to believe that a different weight and body shape is possible for you. It’s ok if you don’t know where to begin or how to set achievable goals, I’ll do that for you. Using proven behavioral-management techniques, we’ll work together to re-orient your thinking. Soon you’ll be meeting weekly and monthly goals that are, indeed, within your reach. Schedule an appointment to learn more.

Activity levels

Your activity levels and preferences are as unique as your dietary needs. We’ll take into account any physical activity limits you have and help you find a way to enjoy your active, energetic and abundant life. Special health concerns Doctors, surgeons and other medical specialists come to me for customized meal plans that meet some of the most delicate dietary needs, including post-bariatric surgery, renal failure and other specialized organ-related issues. Fortunately, most people don’t require a nutritional balance this precise. This gives me more options in creating a plan specifically tailored to you. Schedule an appointment to learn more.

Founded on research

Everything I do is founded on evidence-based research, which is a necessity when I work with physicians, and is an added bonus for you. I love working with clients who value their health and want to live free of weight issues for the rest of their lives. Call me today.