Diabetes Education

Stop Diabetic Weight Problems Now

If you are pre-diabetic or diabetic, you are not alone. Of the 200 million over-weight Americans, 27 million are suffering diabetic conditions with blood sugar levels that are out of control, and it’s estimated that one out of three children born in 2000 will develop Type 2 diabetes.

Why such a drastic increase in diabetes? Our cultural reliance on processed foods, that contain extremely high levels of sugars and fats, mean consumers are constantly subjecting their bodies to blood sugar spikes. These habitually-consumed foods wreck havoc over time, gradually straining pancreatic functions past the breaking point. The result is more and more Americans experiencing a diabetic condition. Infinity Weight Management provides a lifelong solution to this increasingly common problem.

Diabetes is within your control

Diabetes often results in feelings of helplessness, yet clients who come to me with blood glucose levels soaring over 500 mg/dl. are discovering that my program can bring even these extreme cases under control. I empower my clients with the tools and education they need to make new choices. By teaching them proven behavioral-modification techniques, they are newly able to resist food cravings and overcome their compulsions. These techniques involve incorporating new thinking and ingraining new habits for lasting success. Click here to begin experiencing success today.

Smart nutrition can do a lot for you

Once empowered with awareness with new attitudes, my clients begin to eat in ways that (1) control their blood sugar levels, and (2), give them energy. With a focus on synergistic food combinations, my program provides my clients with an eating plan that combines foods for optimal energy and weight loss. They not only lose weight, but they enjoy levels of energy and activity that were previously missing them their lives. I assist my clients in finding their optimal food balance and maintenance weight. They are equipped with a diet plan that supports their ongoing success, enabling them to live a healthy life. Get your personalized plan today.

The power to change

For more than ten years, I have seen my clients grow stronger and more able to make the kind of choices that lead to renewed health and energy. Often, these clients are amazed to discover that they can conquer their cravings and old habits. They can control their diabetes as opposed to their diabetes controlling them. They can lose those stubborn pounds and maintain a healthy weight.

You can too. I am expanding my program to the general public. Now, you don’t have to be facing a medical crisis to gain access to my services. I invite you to trust yourself, and make the choice to work with me. It will be your first step towards a future that supports your power to change your life. Schedule now or call today. I look forward to working with you.