Behavioral Modification

The root of the weight epidemic

At the root of most over-eating behavior is the client’s distorted self-image, which is often crippled with a sense of despair, helplessness, loneliness and even depression. The distortion may have originated from a stressful event such as divorce, chronic stress at work or children issues, but by repeatedly using food as a coping mechanism, habits were formed and weight gain followed. Using food to cope serves to further damage a client’s self-image, due to the fact that any weight problem is instantly obvious to others and is subject to deeply entrenched social beliefs. When I first meet my clients, I often find they have become wary of the prejudicial behaviors that, although often cloaked, impact their relationships at work, at home, and in the world. Infinity Weight Management addresses both the psychological and the physiological impact of over-eating.

Partnership provides support

The path back to healthy living and a manageable weight begins by forming a partnership with a supportive individual who can provide the structure clients need to succeed. When you choose to work with me, we’ll begin your first session by forming a supportive partnership. I will help you dream again and give you positive, measured steps to take on your new path. As you advance on this path, you’ll find my step-by-step system supports a mental transformation that allows you to overcome previously destructive thought patterns and habits. Your life will be different because you will be thinking and acting differently. It isn’t magic. It’s a structured program. But to all of my clients who have experienced success, it often feels miraculous. Schedule an appointment with me to form a partnership for success.

A new coping system

When you choose to no longer use food as your primary coping mechanism, a couple of things begin to happen. First, quite a few of your life problems (loneliness, despondency, inactivity) simply disappear because your weight is under control. Second, you have the physical and mental energy you need to cope with remaining problems in a healthy fashion. I will help you put new coping structures in place by:

  • Increasing your awareness of your current thinking and coping patterns
  • Helping you set up meaningful alternatives for dealing with your challenges
  • Providing the necessary structure for you to break from your old patterns
Your success contract

Part of your success contract will be between you and your future self. We’ll develop your success contract around rewards that are meaningful to you and that encompass achievable goals. As we work together, you will experience an inner transformation as you reach these goals and enjoy the rewards. This new relationship with your inner self, based on accountability and respect, will begin to transform your experience with other people and other aspects of your life as well.

Why now?

Consider for a moment how it might transform your current reality to move throughout your day without being conscious of your weight. What if you were able to travel without being self-conscious of weight? What if you could simply go to the beach without weight worries or engage in physical and fun activities with no thought as to how you look? Getting your weight under control leads to a feeling of incredible freedom.

Why you?

Because it’s possible for you. No matter how difficult things seem in this moment, no matter how small you think your chance at success is, you’ve got what it takes to succeed with this program. And, you don’t need to be ready to take on your entire weight issue, you only need to take a single step. By making a call or sending me an email, you’ll get the help you need to take your next step, and then the next … Schedule and appointment now, and take your first step towards your new life.

Why me?

With years of success in the medical field, I can’t express how satisfying it is to see my previous clients. When I first met these people, they rarely smiled. The burden of coping daily with their weight problem was too great. But seeing them after they’ve gone through the program is like seeing a whole new person. I see happy people, who have their weight and lives in balance. I see people who have the energy to live joyously. I see people who are buoyed up by their continued success. The delight I feel when I see these people is my reason for bringing my system to the mainstream public. I look forward to working with you. Schedule an appointment and get started, today.