I’m one to use puns to get my point across when having some fun talking about food. I feel I’m the “greatest dietitian who puts fun back into food.” Food is fun and can be viewed in many respects as “expressions” of oneself. The following article is 5 tips to restaurant dining and uses a pun in the first tip of the article. I hope you enjoy it.
May I “Halve” a To-Go Box Please?
Five Tips to For Weight Management Dining

After working in the restaurant industry for approximately 8 years, I have noticed that sizes of appetizers, entrees and desserts have progressively become larger in portion size than ever before. My experience is that people associate more food with better value. That is true to a point, however the state of our nation’s obesity challenges are going in the wrong direction. Approximately 66% of the United States is overweight/obese and the statistics are growing. The law for nutritional labeling in restaurants was passed in March, 2010. Most restaurant chains are making the transition, however not all are following suit. Also, is the consumer really making the conscious effort to ask about the information or actually able to decipher the information out there? What is the solution? Here are some easy to follow suggestions to help guide us in the right direction.
When I dine out, I follow some simple choices that allow for moderate consumption of food and beverages without overindulging.
1. Ask the waiter for a “to-go” box immediately after ordering so you can put ½ the oversized entrée/appetizer aside. This will allow for you to see that the remaining portion will be adequate and you will not go home “busting at the seams.”
2. Share an appetizer and entrée if you are dining with a guest. It is also more cost effective, even if there is a sharing cost on the menu.
3. Order broth-like soups/non-dressed salads to help with hunger.
4. Some restaurants are offering smaller cuts/lunch sizes of fish, chicken, or beef on entrees. Inquire when ordering with the waiter. The worst thing they can say is no!
5. Order and consume lower calorie beverages with the meal. Fluids can help with satiety.

Going “half” way is the best way for weight management. One will find when we practice these principles daily, at holidays, and special occasions, we can reduce these statistics. Remember, we only have to do it “one meal at a time.”