One is familiar with the story of the “Wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Are you are aware of the opposite scenario? How does that relate to my eating habits? The original story regards a wolf disguising him/herself as a sheep so he/she can eat the rest of the flock for dinner, right? Is the contrary true for you? Is the sheep disguising themselves as a wolf to survive in society or using food as their sheep to not feel, look or believe in who they are?. My theory holds true for some people. We hide behind food/beverage to quell, stuff and not live to our potentials for our nutritional health. It creates a “shadow”, which we must live with the rest of our lives. The key is to face it head on and tell the shadow to take the back seat and throw that disguise out. Food and beverage is thought to be a so-called “panacea”, however it is not. The sheep must face the world and their shadow. We must never take the back seat.