I would like to apologize to my clients, friends, and fans for not blogging in quite a while. It appears life continues to happen while I was remaining stagnant. As I inspire, educate, and motivate people, I needed to look at myself from the inside out and reevaluate. It is time to get uncomfortable and grow like my clients.
When speaking with people, I recommend one might need professional coaching, mentoring, or just an “accountability partner to launch them to the next level. That’s what I needed to do. Man, that was a “wake-up” call for me because I see I was making too many commitments and not keeping them faithfully. After working with both of my coaches, Eiji Morshita and Mark Rabbitt, I have learned to make commitments sparingly and keep them faithfully. By looking at goal setting in this manner, I have been most successful in accomplishing more with less self-limiting beliefs.
I find when I continue to be transparent in my life, I go through life’s situations smoothly and effortlessly. “To be true to thine own self” is an adage that I use quite often and allows for greater trust with people. I am responsible for all my actions, words, and commitments I create and will continue to strive for excellence in my life. More blogs to come!!