Adam worked with me to set reachable goals. He helped me to identify problem areas in my eating patterns and choices through discussion as well as during an instructive trip through the grocery store.
-Deborah Kilcolins
Stuart, FL

Adam was a pleasure to work with. He listened to my goals, and gave me a simple, concise plan of how to achieve them. I was able to lose the “last seven pounds” of my baby weight, plus three more. I lost ten pounds total, and it didn’t take nearly as long as I expected. After trying so many “diets” I had forgotten how to eat correctly, with real food. It was a change for sure, but easier to stick with than I anticipated. Now I have the tools to maintain my weight loss and the knowledge to keep it off. I know if I slip up or lose my confidence, I can reach out to Adam and he will get me back on track. I would recommend Adam to anyone who is serious about losing weight. Thank you for getting this off my to do list. Now I can tackle the other 99 things!

I can’t say enough good things about Adam Lax and his Nutritional Program. He spent several hours with me, educating me, setting goals and tailoring a food plan to meet my needs. He took the time to go with me to the grocery and helped me learn to make better choices than I had been making in the past. He gave me tips and pointers that I still use to this day.
-T. Hancock
Stuart, FL

I first met Adam Lax after I underwent open heart bypass surgery this past April. Adam, was instrumental in teaching my family and I the benefits of a nutritional lifestyle change and what that would to for me in the years to come. It has been almost seven months since my surgery and I definitely see and feel the benefits of eating healthier meals than I ever ate before I met Adam and followed his advice. He is a true professional and I highly recommend him as a person and as an expert in the nutritional field.
-Joel Newman
Miami Beach, FL